A grand VIP evening organized by Sky Catering was held at Jurmala Airport.

Sky Catering

The purpose of this event was to show the public the beautiful airport premises that will be opened soon by the 5th restaurant. This exclusive event was attended by more than 550 VIP guests, most of whom were from the HoReCa segment, as well as their partners, loyal customers and other guests.

“We were very pleasantly surprised by the high level of responsiveness and attendance. Sky Catering wanted to have an evening of tasty snacks, meals, drinks, a wide selection of exquisite wines, as well as a variety of delicious cocktails, a painting exhibition, a charity auction, an exclusive gift raffle and more. Our main task was to create a pleasant holiday atmosphere and a relaxed atmosphere for more relaxed conversations ”, says the organizers of the evening, Arthur Arnican, Julia Ločmele and Malika Rikisibayeva.

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